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It is being added to support our new book : The Key-Unlock Your Better life published in July 2014

With the frenetic pace and the often negative influences of modern culture, sometimes life can seem tough and happiness is elusive. This e-book aims to guide you to understand what happiness is and how you can achieve it. It will take you on a step by step, personal journey from which you can attain a life filled with happiness, fun and joy, a life full of genuine contentment and peace.

As will be explained, the causes of unhappiness arise in the mind and the solutions are also to be found in the mind. This e-book will show you both how and why you create your life with your thoughts and consequently how you can attract the life that you wish for. This book is arranged into thirty, bite size, easy to read chapters which are enriched with everyday examples and practical advice for contented living. The relaxed writing style will draw you along at a gentle pace that suits you but I can guarantee that right from the outset you will start to experience small changes in your fortunes and more positive feelings about your life. Your life will feel better from the outset and continue to improve day by day.

Many people enjoy their lives moment by moment and are happy; you can be one of those people. The practices in this e-book really do work and everybody who has embarked on this journey, without exception, has seen results. If you really commit to it and follow the guidance the prize is huge: you too can have that enriched and happy life that you desire.

This page is run in support of the How To Be Happy project and the e-book The Key-Unlock Your Better Life available from all major e-book bookshops including Amazon kindle and WHS. E-book stores like Amazon make a small charge for this book , but How To Be Happy is a not for profit project and our share of the proceeds is donated to chosen charities.

How To Be Happy is a not for profit project with the objectives of spreading wisdom on how to enjoy a better and happier life.

Several people have asked how they can download a copy of The Key-Unlock Your Better Life as they do not own a Kindle or other e-reader.
You can download a free reading app 'Kindle For PC' from Amazon , or a similar app for any tablet eg IPAD from Amazon , which runs on your PC or tablet and enables your PC or tablet to look like a Kindle and download and store e-books just like a Kindle. You can then download the e-book from the Amazon Kindle e-book store.
Alternatively the book is also available from the Apple e-book store for IPAD users.

What readers are saying about The Key:

5.0 out of 5 stars the best of stuff 4 Aug 2014

By love reading TOP 1000 REVIEWER VINE VOICE

This is a fantastic book! It takes the best from many schools of thought of self-improvement and puts them all together in one package. Overriding it all is acceptance and mindfulness; two 'therapies' with exceptional results against depression, over-eating, addictions and anxiety. There is also a focus on letting go of the ego and self-obsession and seeing the bigger picture. The Law of Attraction is de-mystified and is sensibly presented.
The book is well-written and easy to read. It is very well structured as you are to only read a chapter at a time until you grasp its contents and apply them. My only problem with the book is that although it gives you the advice it is not always easy to apply and the author seems to assume that because he has told you to do it, you should, you will and, most importantly, you will be able to which unfortunately is not always the case with deep rooted conditions such as negative thinking and low self-esteem.
I will read this book again and take my time and practise the chapters contents as I really believe it is a life-changer as it is the crème de la crème of all the self-help strategies out there.
I thoroughly recommend this book.

Alison Marsella (Scotland)

5.0 out of 5 stars This is an essential read for everyone in the western ... 7 Aug 2014

This is an essential read for everyone in the western world - regardless of age , gender or class this is a gem of a read - insightful , motivating , clear , sincere and simple to understand - Bob has clearly taken the time to study and research this complex subject and then added his own wisdom and heart to ensure this is a helpful guide to something we all seek but rarely find
So take the time and read it at least twice and follow the ideas and try the structure and approach - it works - as simple as that

by Alun Rees

5.0 out of 5 stars Is working for me! 23 July 2014

Wow! Just finished reading this and it has been a revelation for me on how life works. I really recommend this to anybody who is searching and seeking in their life. The short chapters, recommended by the author to be read one each day, make it easy to focus on specific areas of your life to change your behaviour. It is down to earth, easy to understand, and I believe that the insight in this book, as the author claims, can help you turn your life around.

Andy Ellis (Bristol)


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