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Wow!!!! Just finished reading it and am speechless. i really enjoyed it and could feel myself nodding and going "yeess!!" or "aahhh, this is it!" or "eureka" at almost every paragraph. Also I kept wanting to share it with other 'searchers' I know, who I am sure, would find it helpful. It helped me understand things I have experienced and things I am going through at the moment. It also gives some kind of 'framework' to understand 'how it all works'. Your book is easy to understand, very down to earth and pragmatic. Thanks a lot for sharing this with me! It is a fantastic text . Teresa  (Spain)

This is really worth reading; it's open, honest and insightful. Bob has spent a lot of his  life thinking and learning and his distillation of ideas  and concepts makes so much sense and gives really helpful guidance to make day to day happiness a reality. It takes courage to share such intimate and profound thinking but I know it will be helpful to others as it has been to me. Liz (UK)  

Respect, Curiosity, brilliance, challenge, disagreement, love, laughter, disappointment in myself, inspiration, realisation that life is wonderful, an utter privilege to read.  Alun (UK)

I really enjoyed reading 'How It All Works'.it talks about things I think about when I make the time to step back from day to day 'doing'. It reminded me how important it is to live in and enjoy the moment. Every section brings forward something to consider and take time over and I found it really helpful that there's a mixture of theory and practical advice as well. There's so much to it and it's put across in an understandable way which has meant I've wanted to go back and re-read and to find out more. Thank you.  Kate (UK)

You truly care and that in itself is inspirational. For years I have been waiting for this book. Also your poem 'Awareness' is a beautiful poem. Christopher  (USA)

It's good advice and has a genuine feel. Lots of good pratical detail . Plain good psycho-health. Alan (UK)

Very sound advice. Hope it will do well and help a lot of people. Kerry (UK)

It's a great ebook.      www. wings for the

Pretty solid advice :

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