What is Happiness - How to be happy

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Ask yourself honestly...

How would you like to feel that your life is fun, and every day feel  POSITIVE and buoyant– even when times were tough?

How would you like to feel less alone  and to really CONNECT with other people and for the important relationships in your life to improve and be more FULFILLING ?

How would you like to swap conflict and upset for INNER PEACE , calmness and serenity. In short how would you like to be HAPPY?

This website is  not promoting any religion and everything is FREE.  All you need is  a mind which is open to sharing my learning and thinking about HOW LIFE WORKS .

The essence of my beliefs is that happiness is  about controlling your mind rather than being controlled by it . This is because the causes of unhappiness arise in the mind and the solutions are also to be found in the mind. To use the widely used terms, for a moment, I can show you how to enhance your emotional intelligence and later your spiritual intelligence on a personal journey of self development.

The  prize is well worth the effort. Make no mistake life can be so rewarding and joyful All the time. If you can free yourself from your ego and the delusions of the mind then you can skip and dance through life with the excitement and curiosity of a child, savouring every moment, full of love and compassion for yourself and those around you, really seeing the beauty that is all around us. Let me try to show you how.

So, please, read on. What have you got to lose? You only have one life. Grasp it, savour it and embrace it.

My guide is structured as a series of sequential steps together with practical guidance on how to make your life run smoother, and  to  better deal with the everyday components of life in work and play. If you like it’s a ‘self help’ book for people who do not like self help books! It is only 50 pages but even if ,at first,  you just read the first few pages , I guarantee you will start to feel benefits straight away.

Go on-Be daring and take the chance to change your life. Please download my ebook ‘How To Be Happy’ (PDF button at top right of page) and  start today to change the way you see your life and start to have more fun being you.

All I ask in return is for some feedback on our Facebook page wall or via the email address below so that I too can carry on learning.





Happiness-how it will feel.................

  • Serenity
  • Calmness
  • Tranquility
  • Contentment
  • Joy
  • Humility
  • Compassion
  • Feeling love for yourself and those around you
  • Being happy with your own company
  • Living in the moment
  • Awareness
  • Paying attention to the wonder of life
  • Feeling connection and part of the universe.
  • Seeing the beauty that is all around us!
  • Savouring each moment of your magical existence.
  • Finding your own truth with religion and the big questions.
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