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Oban the haven where the majestic highlands slip into the ocean
A summer’s evening
A late stroll along the beach
I could feel no wind on my face
A perfect still evening
The sun was setting low in the far North West
An awesome sunset
Amber and crimson fire erupting on the horizon 
I had to sit and concentrate on this majestic heavenly art
As the light faded it was replaced by shore lights shimmering in the sea all around the bay
The silhouettes of sleeping boats
Distant faint laughter
Although alone I shared the joy of friends having fun

Salt from the sea so strong
I could taste it on my lips
Some gulls silhouetted against the almost black background
I looked out to the Hebrides whose very name tells of their wildness
The rocky peaks of Mull in the distance
Guarding sacred Iona
I felt so alive as my body shivered in the cool night air
I began to walk again to gain warmth
Reflections of moonlight danced on the shallow water
The sound of the waves gently stroking the beach
Sublime pleasure washed through my head
Peace, tranquility

This was no ordinary place
And this was no ordinary moment
I stopped walking as though leaving my body behind
The beauty of this place and time was mesmerizing
Touching my soul
Shivers of fear then exhilaration, and connection
I felt very small
But at the same time very powerful
I yearned to be able to capture and possess the moment
I yearned to become part of it
Be consumed by it
I craved insight
I saw more and more
The energy rising from the sea
The energy radiating from the sky
Flowing through me
I glimpsed the universe
Its perfection
Its infinite complexity
And then I saw that I was a part of it
I was seized with the blind optimism and love of life
I would never be the same again.


Bob Brown



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