About the author

I have been seeking and searching for a long time and read and analysed a large number of self help books so you don't have to!  Modern Western culture is leading a lot of people into the unhappiness trap and I would like to help a few understand why and start to change their lives. I have been lucky enough to find a moment by moment joyous love of life and want to try to help others find this same happiness. There is a very wide consensus emerging about the power of positive thinking and positive energy  and the so called law of attraction. My ebook offers  a compact consolidation of this consensus , with a logical structure and sequence  to addressing the changes, together with practical examples and guidance on what it means day to day to behave with emotional and spiritual intelligence. This book really can change your life by following a step by step personal journey where benefits in how you feel will be felt right from the outset. The approach in this popular ebook is tried and tested and I urge you to take a chance and give it a try with an open mind.

For those who are following this ebook to change their lives there is a community on Facebook which you are encouraged to join (although of course you do not have to)  and leave comments and seek support.  You are also of course welcome to contact me via email to discuss any aspect of the guidance or to seek advice. 

A little about me: I am happily married and have four grown up children. I spent my career in IT and IT consultancy but am now retired. I have many hobbies (too many) ! and enjoy an overwhelming enthusiam for life. Some of my main pass times are living in the moment, off road cycling, sailing, jogging, swimming, country walking, reading,  DIY,watching films and supporting our local football team (Brighton). Yes it is a struggle to fit all that in but it is fun trying! 


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